F/V Quiet Waters LK209

Project Description

Ocean Kinetics was awarded the main contract under the 'International Wreck Removal and Marine Services Agreement Form' 'No Cure No Pay Agreement' to remove the wreck of the Fishing Vessel Quiet Waters from the environmentally sensitive site on the approaches to Scalloway Harbour by the vessel's insurance company.

Services Provided

With the knowledge and expertise of carrying out similar projects in the past our marine crew set to work surveying the wreck of the vessel both on the reef and underwater.  It was quickly established that the vessel was a total loss with no possibility of salvage, the operation was then geared towards preventing pollution and recovering and recycling the wreck in it's entirety.  The floating plant was quickly mobilised and brought on site, our engineers and marine personnel then systematically dismantled the wreck into managable parts and transported them by barge to Scalloway Harbour, where the various components were separated for re-use or recycling. 

This operation on the Skerry continued until the site was entirely cleared, our team of experienced divers conducted a dive inspection of the seabed around the area of the wreck and it's surrounding areas and recovered any parts that had been washed away.  Several local companies were brought in to collect any small parts from nearby beaches and the shoreline.  The contract was completed on time and within budget and led to more than 90% of the debris being reused or recycled and more importantly with no injuries or incidents occuring.