What We Do

At Ocean Kinetics we provide a one-stop-shop for any engineering task.

From design to fabrication to installation, we supply the:

  • materials
  • project management
  • fabricated components 
  • individual engineering experts.

But if it’s just a welder or a team of divers you need, then we can do that too.

  • Engineering Services

    We offer a complete engineering capability package. This is through the provision of all aspects of design and the ability to repair, refurbish or manufacture components and equipment.

  • Engineering Supplies

    Selling engineering supplies from our base in Shetland means your project always gets immediate support, and avoids the risk of stalling should materials be needed.

  • Project Management

    With contracts running concurrently around the UK, 3 large workshops, an engineering supplies retail operation, a mobile marine plant and a team of divers, welders and engineers, our project managers are well drilled in juggling many tasks at once.

  • Site Services

    We can bring our site personnel and project managers out to oversee the many demands of complex site operations. We offer a complete installation, commissioning, maintenance and after care support facility.

  • Marine Services

    As industry leaders in the repair and protection of steel marine structures we have extensive experience in tackling accelerated low water corrosion (ALWC).