Delta Marine

Established in 1985, Delta Marine Ltd, provides safe, modern, high specification anchor handling tugs and workboats.


  • Marine Renewables: wind, wave and tidal power installations
  • Cable laying and cable lay support
  • Dive and ROV support
  • Pollution control equipment deployment
  • Salvage works
  • General towage
  • Marine construction
  • Vibro core, CPT and survey
  • Dredging support
  • Plough dredging and seabed levelling
  • Aquaculture support: Site installation & removal, cage/net cleaning
  • Crew transfers
  • Fuel and fresh water bunkering. Food stores and equipment transportation
  • Full ROV capabilities.

They have a wealth of experience in operating in all marine sectors, including Oil and Gas, anchor handling, aquaculture and wave and tide energy. In addition they are a specialist provider of marine support services for the offshore wind farm industry and have worked on multiple projects throughout the UK and into Europe.

Delta Marine and Ocean Kinetics have worked together to offer clients a full package of surface and sub sea support on several occasions and have now agreed a formal cooperation to promote this service to all existing and future clients.

Both companies share the same business ethics and values. We ensure our equipment is always modern, new and designed to give the best service we can to our customers. Our focus is to work to the highest standards in our respective industries. We also share a belief in innovation and are always looking to find better ways of supplying existing services. We are both customer focused and do not commit to work until we are sure we fully understand our clients expectations. Close and effective communication at all times with our client is one of the keys to our success.

With a robust commitment to health and safety both companies have similar best practice systems and culture in working to the highest possible safety standards.

Engaging with Delta Marine and Ocean Kinetics for your Marine Project will provide you with a large and flexible, modern fleet of tugs and workboats. With shallow draft, high bollard pull, powerful winches and cranes – Delta Marine’s vessels outperform all similar craft. Having a clear fore and aft deck means these vessels can tow a barge to location then run all its anchors with the minimum of delay.

Large deck space and internal tankage makes them ideal for the transportation of project cargo/supplies and for fuel and freshwater bunkering. Self loading/discharge negates the requirement for shoreside cranage.

Utilisation of new technologies and forward thinking design has created a safer, more comfortable environment for the crew and clients to work in. Remote control of cranes and winches as well as hydraulic line handling gear reduces the risk of injury to the crew or damage to project equipment.

In combination you can access Ocean Kinetics professional and experienced diving services. This includes underwater welding to DNV and Lloyds standards, marine and underwater construction, offshore marine renewable support and cathodic protection, design supply and installation for ports and harbours. Our diving services have carried out works for Bae systems, Dover harbour and Great Yarmouth amongst countless other projects in the 22 year history of the company. One of our more recent jobs saw us supply cathodic protection systems in the massive container port of Aqaba in Jordan.

No jobs are too challenging for us and we were called in to salvage the MV Prospect which sunk in the main navigational lane departing Lerwick harbour in the Summer of 2013. Ocean kinetics expertise allowed us to determine a plan to refloat the Prospect and tow her to a safe mooring. This hugely challenging operation was planned and executed within days of the accident, ensuring operations in the harbour could maintain normality.

Ocean Kinetics divers were contracted by the Air Investigation Board to recover the black box and other sections of the Super Puma helicopter which crashed into the sea, with the tragic loss of four lives, in Quendale Bay in August 2013.

We located and recovered the combined voice and data flight recorder as well as the tail section of the helicopter, both engines and most of the cockpit.

Our divers worked in challenging conditions close to the breaking surf to successfully recover the helicopter parts.