How Brexit Affects the Fishing Industry

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July 3rd 2017

Signed in 1964 before the UK joined the European Union, on Monday British Ministers will trigger the withdrawal of the UK from the London Fisheries Convention . With the UK becoming a whole independent state this implies that ‘we are taking back control of our fishing policy’ says Michael Gove environmental secretary.

Michael Gove added to his speech ‘One critical thing about the common fisheries policy is that it has been an environmental disaster. And one of the reasons we want to change it is that we want to ensure that we can have sustainable fish stocks for the future … I think it’s important that we recognise that leaving the European Union is going to help the environment.”

With the UK Fishing Industry made up of more than 6,000 vessels, 708,000 tones of fish worth £775m were made by British vessels, with regards to this about 10,000 tones of fish were caught by foreign vessels from other EU countries under the London Fisheries convention.

Therefore mathematically with the UK moving out of the EU, a boost within the fishery industry should be forecast within the next upcoming years, as the Britons prepare to move out.

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