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March 25th 2020

Ocean Kinetics are fully supporting the UK Government’s response to Covid-19 and have made a number of changes to enable staff to stay at home, in order to protect the NHS and save lives.

We have closed our hardware shop & stores to the public and have requested that all but a key member of stores staff stay at home. The key member of staff will ensure we continue to have the materials required to support customers with ‘essential’ activities, this function cannot be performed at home. For any stores requests please contact Scot Jamieson on 07470 492 246 or e mail [email protected]

Our office workers (Accounts, Admin and Engineering teams) have been sent home. Workers with business-critical functions have been provisioned with the tools to enable them to work from home. We are endeavouring to remain in contact with all clients & suppliers and will provide continued (remote) service throughout this difficult time.

We have directed apprentices and junior tradesmen to stay at home. A skeleton team of tradesmen are acting as ‘Key Workers’ to provide essential engineering, welding & fabrication to the NHS, Oil & Gas processing, power generation, critical national infrastructure, health & safety plant/equipment, response to items posing a risk to the environment, people or property.

For any engineering requests please contact Paul Wilson on 07850 751 606, [email protected] James Isbister on 07841 873 498 [email protected] or Graeme Georgeson on 07789 741 209 [email protected]. For Diving and Marine please contact Roger Goudie on 07740 675 464 [email protected].

We have implemented a number of further measures to minimise the risks to/from the limited number of ‘Key Workers’:

  • Hand sanitiser widely provisioned at all work areas and rest facilities.
  • Staggered lunch breaks – only 2 people in the canteen at any time.
  • Instructing staff not to leave the premises for non-essential activities (eg lunch breaks).
  • Issued guidance to staff on maintaining 2m separation at all times.
  • Minimising travel where practical.
  • Issuing ‘letters of engagement’ to clearly identify the reasons that ‘Key Workers’ are permitted to be away from home. Presentation of these may be requested by any official or member of the public.
  • Isolation of those with symptoms, in line with Government guidance.

We thank you for your understanding and will endeavour to do all we can to support our customers and community with practical measures to limit the risks posed by Covid-19.

John Henderson

Managing Director – 0780 121 5627 [email protected]

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