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September 27th 2017

The most recent addition to the range of engineering services offered by Ocean Kinetics is the introduction of a comprehensive in-house and on-site flange facing service. This can be particularly useful for our clients in the Oil and Gas sector at Sullom Voe terminal and the Shetland Gas Plant. We can now perform onsite machining of damaged flanges at short notice and achieve unparalleled turnaround times. Planned works can also be carried out at our workshops in Lerwick.

We can provide onsite solutions for flanges, heat exchanger cover joints, boiler manways, industrial pipelines or vessel joints. Our flange facing machines are capable of facing, turning, grooving and weld preparation. They are lightweight, strong and flexible. Our larger machines are pneumatically driven and our mini machines are manually operated; therefore ideal for used in hazardous areas.

With a selection of three different flange facing machines we have solutions for all scopes of work.

Our first machine is the Furmanite FXB 6-30 which is a lightweight, portable, flange facing, grooving and weld-prep machine designed to machine full faced, raised face and grooved flanges in the 153mm- 762mm (6” to 30”) diameter range.

The second new machine is the MTF2872, which offers the same qualities as the FXB 6-30 but can perform on diameters in the range 28” to 72”.

Designed to give machine shop accuracy, this lightweight machine is bore mounted and operates in any position, delivering finishes from 63 CLA to 250 CLA.

Finally, we also now offer a mini flange facing service with our new LMC manually operated facing tools. These can be particularly useful for hard to get to areas on site and means work can be completed without expensive secondary deconstruction. Facing diameters can be 1/2” to 10”. These can also be used for weld preparation and are suitable for a wide range of applications.

Prompt response is important for our clients, and we can have our flange facing services and trained technicians mobilised anywhere in Shetland within 24 hours’ notice.

We are not only confined to Shetland and undertake these services anywhere throughout the UK. Please feel free to contact us and experience our efficient and knowledgeable service.

As a demonstration of our confidence in our flange facing services we are offering a free flange repair for the first three clients to contact us referencing this post. Please email [email protected] to arrange this demo or to discuss your requirement.

Ocean Kinetics is a Lerwick based engineering company with an extensive track record in fabrication, oil and gas, renewables, fishing and aquaculture, marine works and marine salvage At Ocean Kinetics health and safety is always at the core of every task and we take pride in providing the best people and equipment, to safely deliver successful projects to our clients.

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