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September 27th 2017

After the recent acquisition of new flange facing machines, Ocean Kinetics continues investment in our Lerwick based workshops to improve the quality and range of services we can offer our clients. The latest additions to our facility are two new Behringer Precision Sawing Machines, offering major improvements in quality, volume and range of burr-free, precision cut steel.

The Behringer brand was selected due to their legendary quality, commitment to innovative in the design and continual improvement of their equipment. A major market leader in the field they strive to deliver the highest standards of speed and accuracy, this approach compliments the values shared by Ocean Kinetics.

The two machines selected were the fully automatic HBE 261 A and the large capacity semi-automatic mitre cutting HBP 510-723G. The HBE model is a fully enclosed automatic CNC band saw, with a cutting capacity up to 300 X 260mm. The HBP is a large heavy duty robust, double mitre band saw that can handle beams up to 620 X 500mm.

Both machines come with enhanced safety features offering protection and security for our workshop staff. Both machines have bundle clamping, NC and CNC control, high cutting outputs, short remnants lengths capabilities and oil mist cooling systems.

The main advantages of the new saws for Ocean Kinetics are increased safety, higher material utilisation, elimination of waste cooling fluids as well as increased capacity and productivity. This fully compliments and enhances our existing machining capabilities, which include CNC plasma and milling, as well as a full range cutting, folding and forming service.

Ocean Kinetics is a Lerwick based engineering company with an extensive track record in fabrication, oil and gas, renewables, fishing and aquaculture, marine works and marine salvage At Ocean Kinetics health and safety is always at the core of every task and we take pride in providing the best people and equipment, to safely deliver successful projects to our clients.

Contact us for any enquiries regarding your fabrication or steel requirements. We will be happy to discuss how our machining and cutting services can add value and save you time.

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