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July 5th 2018

Ocean Kinetics are delighted to announce the award of a contract by Bam Nuttall to provide diving services to support the construction of the new wharf at Rothera Research Station for the British Antarctic Survey. The wharf redevelopment is required to accommodate the new state-of-the-art polar research vessel the RRS Sir David Attenborough.

Working through the Antarctic summer months the Ocean Kinetics team shall commence work in December 2018 and will remain at the station for a period of five months. The team will return home before travelling out for completion work in the Antarctic summer of 2020.

The sub-contract was awarded following competitive tender. Ocean Kinetics has previous experience in carrying out repairs on the Rothera quay in 2016. The team’s ability to provide multi skilled and versatile divers, along with supervision, is essential for operating in such a remote environment.

As part of the sub-contract Ocean Kinetics will design and construct a purpose built diving support vessel that will allow for the extreme weather conditions and allow rapid launching and retrieval from the sea to address the risk of adverse weather and icebergs.

Ocean Kinetics Managing Director John Henderson said;

"We’re delighted to have been awarded this unique and challenging opportunity working in this harsh and remote location, it is a great follow on from the work we did in Antarctica in 2016, repairing the old wharf. It is exactly the kind of project that Ocean Kinetics thrives on and we are looking forward to working alongside our main contractor BAM Nuttall to provide a first-class diving service. Our workers will live and work alongside BAM Nuttall’s personnel and the science teams in the Antarctic which is the highest, driest, coldest and windiest continent on Earth"

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