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January 20th 2017

As part of Ocean Kinetics' commitment to ongoing training and development of our workforce four personnel have been undertaking training on pipe spool surveying equipment.

The three day training course was run at Ocean Kinetics’ Lerwick facility, by Mike Lloyd Technical Services Ltd. The course was both classroom and workshop based, and consisted of a mix of technical and practical elements to enable our staff to use 3D laser measuring equipment for fit-up, verification and dimensional inspection of pipe spools.

ML Tech provided a comprehensive package of training, equipment and support and, after a period of application, will return to provide further coaching, an assessment of competency and certification for Ocean Kinetics staff.

Course attendee Mike Boyes, Ocean Kinetics’ Technical Director, said:

“The training provided by Mike Lloyd was excellent. Mike had an evident enthusiasm for the Automet System and a wealth of experience in our industry. This meant that the course flowed well and he took questions in his stride. By utilising two trainers, ML Tech were able to provide ‘one to one’ coaching whilst working through the course material.

The Automet system will bring a number of immediate benefits to Ocean Kinetics; it will swiftly and simply facilitate the fit-up of complex or difficult pipe spools. The system will also be used to provide an audit-able report of the as-built dimensions. We had a mix of technical staff and tradesmen on the course so that the benefits are not confined to inspection, it will be utilised on a practical level.”

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