UK NUCLEAR Energy at Risk

July 10th 2017

It's of no doubt that the effects of the BREXIT will be huge on the UK and its citizens. The untidy state keeps going on as the Brexit is causing “an alarming mess” for the UK’s nuclear power says Professor Roger Cashmore to BuzzFeed News, Chair of the UK Atomic Energy Agency.

Experts are worried about the UK moving out of the EU as the biggest questions remains, the management and maintenance of the UK's nuclear power, which till this moment is been managed and maintained by experts from the European Atomic Energy Community (Euratom). Moving out of the EU might have devastating effects on the UK’s Energy Industry though treaties of Euratom inspecting Britain’s nuclear energy are different from those keeping Britain in the EU. Major effects like reduction in number of jobs, UK losing its number 1 position as world leader in nuclear technologies, transfer of responsibilities on to the ONR (Office for Nuclear Regulation) after the UK leaves the EU,

Forecast on how the the UK will replace the services and regulations provided by Euratom are still unclear and difficult to predict as this will mean the transportation of nuclear equipments through the EU, lack of adequate staff for management and maintenance. This situation could lead Britain to a lack of nuclear fuel within the next couple of years as this will require a considerable amount of time to train professionals who will be in charge of looking over the station.

Jenifer Baxter, head of energy at the Institution of Mechanical Engineers said there was a limited option of qualified inspectors from which to recruit and not enough time to train before the UK completely steps out of the EU in 2019.

With 20% of the UK’s current electricity supply coming from nuclear energy, there is a big interest in questioning ourselves about the Future of our Nuclear Energy.

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