Power & Utilities

Ocean Kinetics has a strong history of supporting the Power & Utilities sectors through new fabrication, repairs, installation & maintenance.

From new build pipework fabrication and structural assemblies to installation of 30” 300# steam valves (with hydraulic torqueing equipment). We have the capacity and capability to facilitate or undertake your project.

Working in the Power and Utilities sector, we offer a comprehensive field welding service, which includes installation of pressurised habitats, pipe cutting, pipe plugging, fit up, welding, inspection and pressure testing. Our technicians also undertake pipe work erection & assembly. ECITB qualifications provide assurance that joints will be leak free and that the works will be completed safely.

Ocean Kinetics undertake mechanical and structural maintenance activities for a number of clients. We undertake renewal & replacement of gratings, handrails & steel work and provide all the materials required. This offers the benefit of a single point of contact for the works and provides progress reporting & cost management that you can rely on.

Ocean Kinetics are fully accredited to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 & OHSAS 18001 and are fully audited by Achilles UVDB for the utilities sector. Ocean Kinetics hold industry leading scores, which provide reliable information on our competency.

Ocean Kinetics achieve 100% quality score in recent UVDB Audit.

Please contact us for assistance and support on power and utilities.

Power & Utilities