Inspection & Testing

Ocean Kinetics undertake a range of inspection and testing in-house. Our visual weld inspectors are qualified to a minimum of CSWIP 3.1 and our NDT technicians are certified to CSWIP Level II for MPI &/or DPI.

State of the Art Inspection & Testing Facility

Our purpose built inspection and testing facility in Shetland provides areas for the Non Destructive Testing (NDT) of metal and plastic products as well as inspection and calibration services. The main areas are designed to allow the radiography of welded joints in metals and plastics, this allows a look inside the joint to ensure no flaws are detected. Every new welded pipe joint for the oil and gas industry requires at least 10% NDT, critical joints require 100% NDT.

The second most important area is the pressure testing area (hydrotesting) where final tests are carried out prior to pipes being coated. This is a secure area where the pipes are blanked then pressure tested using water to ensure adequate strength, this is a requirement for 100% of pipework.

We also have bays set up for other forms of NDT such as MPI and Dye Penetration which detect surface cracks not normally visible.

Lastly we will have areas set up for the inspection of calibration of hydraulic turning and lifting equipment. The facility will be as used for the inspection of old materials as well, all pressure holding vessels including pipes require statutory inspection at given intervals hence there will be on going requirements for the facility.

Qualified Inspectors for a Range of Situations

We support our clients by providing these services:

  • on new fabrications
  • on existing plant and equipment
  • as part of routine maintenance
  • as part of failure investigations
  • to independently verify items manufactured by others

Our Lerwick site has a dedicated pressure test bay that is equipped with calibrated chart recorders and can undertake hydrostatic testing of pipe spools & vessels.

By working with our partner organisations, we can also offer our clients radiography by a competent, independent, organisation. This can be carried out in our workshops, Aberdeen, or onsite (subject to HSE notifications & restrictions).

Comprehensive Testing Equipment

To support manufacture, installation or verification (workshop & onsite), we carry a comprehensive range of test equipment. This includes calibrated radiograph viewer & densitometer, light meters, thermometers, ammeters, anemometers, ultrasonic thickness meters, callipers.

Please contact us for more information about our inspections and testing services.

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