Case Study:

Fishing vessels Research and Charisma receive bespoke handling systems

LocationLerwick Harbour
ClientsMV Research, MV Charisma
MissionCreation of bespoke fish handling systems to speed up operations

The Brief

To design and install bespoke new fish handling systems for two of the biggest fishing vessels in the Scottish pelagic fishing fleet, Research and Charisma.

The Challenge

Preserving the quality of mackerel and herring caught in the North Atlantic is of paramount importance for the skippers of these boats. The task was to speed up the transfer of the catch from net to refrigerated tank while reducing the impact of the process on the fish.

The Solution

Using 3D CAD design software SolidWorks, Ocean Kinetics gave its clients different options for integrating prefabricated new water separators into new, more efficient fish-handling systems with fewer air gates constructed from stainless steel and marine aluminium.

The Result

The work on the Research was completed in 2012 and on the Charisma in 2013.

As well as fabricating the chutes and pipework using Ocean Kinetic’s Esprit HD plasma cutter, CNC press brake and teams of highly-skilled welders, Ocean Kinetics constructed new access decking, walkways and handrails.

“We’re delighted with the work done by Ocean Kinetics. The fish are pumped aboard much more efficiently, which has been good for quality.”
Willie Williamson, Skipper, Research
“Ocean Kinetics were good, really splendid to work with. They did as good a job as you’d get in the large shipyards in Norway, maybe even better.”
Davie Hutchison, Skipper, Charisma

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