Case Study:

Large-Scale Hatchery for Grieg Seafood Hjaltland

ClientsGrieg Seafood
MissionTo build a multi-million pound hatchery to enable in house production of smolts

The Brief

Construction of a £13 million salmon hatchery with a capacity to produce 5 million smolts per year for Grieg Seafood Hjaltland UK.

The Challenge

Salmon producers Grieg Seafood Hjaltland had previously shipped smolts - transported by carrier vessel from mainland Scotland - to their existing hatchery, but a new, large scale hatchery meant the capacity to produce in house and on site in Shetland, cutting down on transport costs and giving improved control on smolt quality and size, while preventing disease being brought into Shetland.

The contract included the complete redesign of the existing water intake and filtration system; the design, manufacture and construction of buildings to house egg hatching units, and the fry, parr and smolt, and new administration and staff welfare buildings.

All four buildings had unique requirements based on their use and specific designs and layouts had to be carefully planned by the Ocean Kinetics design team.

The Location


Key Stats

  • £14

    million project

  • 20fold

    increase in growth rates expected

  • Site redesign inc. new pipework systems

  • New hatchery cuts down on costs, improves smolt quality

The Solution

Ocean Kinetics’ work extended to designing and supplying pipework systems providing water circulation and ventilation throughout the facility.
Pipe systems to enable the grown smolts to be discharged to the well boat for delivery to the seafarms were also designed and installed. Additionally, a 95-metre pontoon was designed and positioned to allow the well boat to come alongside avoiding the high cost to the client of constructing a permanent quay.
Mezzanine floors were erected to provide grading and vaccination areas. All works were designed in tandem with the recirculation systems for the hatchery which will see a 20 fold increase in growth rates compared to the old hatchery that was originally on site.

The Result

Ocean Kinetics drew heavily on the extensive experience of senior management working in this sector and the years spent serving the Shetland salmon industry to design and deliver this project to the client’s satisfaction. Without this hands on knowledge of the industry it would have been difficult to capture the requirement of the project.

“Ocean Kinetics has been a crucial part of the construction of our new large-scale salmon hatchery at Girlsta. They have provided high quality materials, good workmanship and offered practical and intelligent solutions to problems that have arisen over the course of the build.”
Jon Walden, Shetland Manager, Grieg Seafood Hjaltland

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