Case Study:

Pig Handling Equipment

LocationSullom Voe Terminal
ClientsBP Sullom Voe Terminal
MissionTo develop a new transportation cradle to suit new type of pigging tool

The Brief

Changes in the equipment used for pipeline pigging created the requirement for a new, larger, cradle to receive the pigging tools at the Sullom Voe Terminal.
Ocean Kinetics was requested to develop a new transportation cradle to suit a 22” diameter tool, of up to 6.25m length.

The Challenge

The pig cradle sits upon a trolley, which runs on a short length of rail and can readily access the pig receiver. The assembly required to be safely moved out of the way for cleaning & preparation of the pig for onward transportation.

A trolley was also to be developed which could hold either the existing transportation cradle or the new one. The assembly was to be designed to take a 5 tonne safe working load.

The Solution

Ocean Kinetics developed a number of 3d models in Solidworks to present to the client, allowing the opportunity for early discussion with the client and for the end users to have an input. The preferred solution was then fully developed in Solidworks.

Traditional 2d fabrication drawings were generated from the 3d model. As full joint level traceability was requested by the client, this was incorporated at the drawing stage.

The Result

Given the nature of the offshore environment, choosing the right materials was vital.

2d fabrication drawings were generated from the model and supplied to the Ocean Kinetics workshops for fabrication, inspection & testing (in accordance with an approved Quality Plan).

Manufacture was undertaken by Ocean Kinetics with coded welding, full quality assurance, inspection & testing (including load testing), painting and delivery.
The outcome was a system which requires minimal maintenance and should offer years of trouble free service.


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