Mission, Vision & Values

Our Mission

  • Whatever the challenge, onshore or offshore, to generate fresh ideas and implement engineering solutions that satisfy our customers’ needs
  • To build on our core skills, stay vital to our island community, and create, innovate and explore at a global level
  • To contribute to a sustainable vibrant community and create a lasting legacy

Our Vision

To achieve our Mission, we have developed a company vision that we all work to deliver:

  • Our People - Our People are our company, the best of the best: Highly skilled and motivated, with access to cutting edge equipment and new technologies, they will inspire you
  • Our Clients - With 20 years’ standing as an approved vendor, we are accountable to our clients in Energy, Marine, Maritime and Aquaculture: They know we will get the job done and make a difference. We will continue to offer faster and more flexible services
  • Our Partners - We have high standards and offer a lean service: We will continue to support our partners by offering creative solutions that also help them develop and grow
  • Our Community - We are part of a seafaring island community, rich in family values and maritime heritage. We will build a legacy and maintain a vibrant Shetland by nurturing these attributes and continuing to invest in our community to keep our traditional skills alive
  • Our Environment - As a responsible global company, we will build a legacy and look after the environment, maximising resources and minimising waste

Our Values

  • Safety – It’s a culture not a process
  • Quality – With an eye for detail, we use our best to give the best
  • Satisfaction – Delivering trusted, expert solutions
  • Skilful and Friendly – Demonstrative versatility and a positive attitude
  • Commitment – To our people, to our clients and to our partners: To this day, to tomorrow and to the future
  • Innovation – Ingenuity matched with high technology

Our Standards: Creating the Culture of Ocean Kinetics

  • Respect – Be respectful to colleagues, clients and suppliers
  • Commitment and Engagement – Be a team player and strive for excellence
  • Integrity & Trust – Be honest and fair in all that you do
  • Communicate Effectively – Listen and contribute
  • Be Professional – Be safe, reliable and productive
  • Resolve, Innovate and Be Creative – Develop solutions
  • Learn – Gain knowledge and understanding of yourself and others