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Ocean Kinetics recognise how important it is for many of our clients to have fully-certified and traceable materials. We maintain traceability within our stores and workshops through our Quality Management System, which is fully accredited to ISO 9001.

We also hold ISO 3834-2 accreditation for comprehensive assurance of our fabrication activities. This encompasses the whole manufacturing process, from material procurement through to dispatch of finished goods.

All jobs and contracts (that include items manufactured or worked on by Ocean Kinetics) are assigned a Quality Level during the Pre-Engineering process. The selected Quality Level defines which process route the job takes through our facility to your finished project. Clients can be sure that every step of the process is undertaken to the highest standard.

Traceability of our materials is not just a stores process; it is maintained throughout production and means that we know which materials were used on every individual job.

Working to ISO 3834-2 means that Ocean Kinetics go a step further; we know what welding consumables (rods/wire) were used on any given job. In many cases this is documented down to individual joints. From start to finish we know and have a record of every aspect of the works that we have undertaken.

Ocean Kinetics is fully ISO 3834, EN 1090, ISO 9001:2015 accredited.

For assistance and support please contact:

Paul Wilson (Workshop)
T: 01595 697 902

Scot Jamieson (Shop/Stores)
T: 01595 697 904