Approved vendor to oil and gas majors with 20 years of experience and comprehensive accreditation.
Providing advanced engineering solutions for the Renewable Energy industry - on or offshore.
Market leaders with over 20 years’ experience working locally and internationally.
Cutting edge innovations and services for the Water, Gas and Electricity sectors.
Experts at providing innovative solutions for the aquaculture and fishing industries.
Strategically located in the largest area of Oil and Gas development in the Northern North Sea.

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Ocean Kinetics is at the forefront of engineering, with an extensive track record in fabrication, energy, renewables, fishing and aquaculture, marine works and marine salvage.

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  • Energy
  • Renewables
  • Marine
  • Power & Utilities
  • Aquaculture & Fishing
  • Decommissioning

We have extensive knowledge of the North Sea oil and gas industry. We offer a wide variety of services; covering manufacturing, engineering and installation, and maintenance. Alongside our strategic location we have invested in custom-built premises, hi-tech machinery, improved quality management and training our highly skilled staff.

As an approved BP North Sea contractor we are actively engaged with several major oil and gas clients, including both Total and Petrofac on their Shetland Gas Plant project. We supply highly skilled tradesmen and supervision, quality assured components, fabricated structures, pipe work and steel work, as well as undertaking repairs and maintenance work.

“I would like to take the opportunity to thank Ocean Kinetics Team & Management for their support to the project.”
Khaled Ghabboura, Project Director, Laggan-Tormore SGP Project

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We leverage our broad skills base for the Renewables Sector, from certified pipework and structural fabrications to subsea installation of tidal generators. We are recognised for successfully delivering solutions to complex problems in the most difficult of environments.

We take pride in our work and the fact that our teams are highly skilled. Our comprehensive accreditations provide assurance that our workmanship is second to none and that we provide the highest levels of quality assurance for our fabrication. We have an exemplary record on health, safety & environmental performance, and can provide numerous case studies covering items that we have manufactured, inspected, maintained and installed.

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We are one of the UK’s leading specialists in the repair and cathodic protection of steel and concrete marine structures, as well as salvage work, with our own fully resourced diving division. From the seabed to the splash zone, we devise innovative and specially-tailored methods of restoring the structural integrity of marine structures, increasing their longevity, in a safe, efficient and economic fashion.

Our divers have the experience to work in all conditions, from the Red Sea to the Antarctic. We are experts at operating in busy harbours and berths, in areas where access is difficult and visibility is low or non-existent.

Using mobile units and our ROV services, our teams of highly qualified divers carry out initial visual and ultrasonic surveys. We are then able to offer you a quick and complete solution, which will minimise disruption and reduce the diving hours, thereby saving you time and money.

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We have a strong history of supporting the power & utilities sectors through new fabrication, repairs, installation & maintenance. From new build pipework fabrication and structural assemblies to installation, we have the capacity and capability to facilitate or undertake any project.

We offer a comprehensive field welding service, which includes installation of pressurised habitats, pipe cutting, pipe plugging, fit up, welding, inspection and pressure testing. Our technicians also undertake pipe work erection & assembly. ECITB qualifications provide assurance that joints will be leak free and that the works will be completed safely.

Ocean Kinetics are fully accredited to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 & OHSAS 18001 and are fully audited by Achilles UVDB for the utilities sector. We hold industry leading scores and we achieved a 100% quality score in a recent UVDB Audit.

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We were founded as a specialist marine engineering company and have grown alongside the industry, adapting and utilising new technologies to become the leading provider of engineering solutions to the aquaculture and fishing industries in Shetland.

We have the expertise and equipment to provide innovative solutions to your needs as seen in our fish handling case study for work undertaken on the Charisma pelagic trawler.

We are also experts at developing waste water treatment systems for fish farming hatcheries and factories, using our industry expertise to create mechanical and biological systems to help your business.

Our philosophy has always been to devise solutions that fulfil the client’s specifications and ensure that the process is carried out effectively, efficiently and economically.

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We have the facilities, personnel and skills to support decommissioning projects. With the most modern, fully accredited, purpose built fabrication facility in Shetland we can provide the full range of mechanical services to ensure success for onshore decommissioning. Our engineers and project managers also provide all the technical input and quality assurance required.

Lerwick, in Shetland, is at the heart of the mature Northern North Sea oil and gas fields and is strategically positioned as a centre for Oil and Gas decommissioning. Lerwick already boasts several deep water quays and laydown areas and the latest development in this sector sees the Lerwick Port Authority constructing one of the largest decommissioning quays in Europe.

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