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Pipework for SSEN & SHEAP’s heat recycling project

March 24, 2022
Shetland Heath Energy and Power (SHEAP) provides a district heating scheme to homes and businesses in Lerwick

Shetland Heath Energy and Power (SHEAP) provides a district heating scheme to homes and businesses in Lerwick. Hot water, piped through the streets of the town, is mainly generated from burning non-recyclable refuse at the island’s Energy Recovery Plant.

This new and highly innovative project involves recycling surplus heat from SSEN’s Lerwick Power Station to the neighbouring SHEAP facility, to supplement its existing heat supply. Ocean Kinetics installed the pipework and carried out all associated welding and fabrication work for SSEN.

Technical director, Mike Boyes, said: “We worked with SHEAP and SSEN to develop the designer’s flow diagrams into a 3D pipe routing model, from which CAD fabrication drawings were generated. Following flexibility assessment, we developed the designs for the pipe supports throughout the system.

“Ocean Kinetics then manufactured the 40 structural pipe supports and installed these with the 700m of pipework. The pipework was all TIG welded in-situ by our coded welders. This was followed by CSWIP Visual Inspection and PCN Magnetic Particle Inspection. The pipework was supplied pre-insulated with (plastic) fusion welded connections at the pipe joints. Our welders and fitters then went on to complete the pipework installation and tie-ins at both facilities.

“The site works were successfully completed within the eight week schedule; the winter weather didn’t faze the local workforce, even when working in trenches adjacent to the sea wall.”

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