Ocean Kinetics - Ocean Kinetics Lifts 3,500 Tonnes Of Buchan Alpha Structure From The Sea
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Ocean Kinetics Lifts 3,500 Tonnes Of Buchan Alpha Structure From The Sea

August 27, 2020
Ocean Kinetics marine team successfully lift the final Buchan Alpha pontoon
Ocean Kinetics has taken some 3,500 tonnes of material ashore, this complex task took almost 15,000 man hours and was completed safely and without any incidents or injuries.

The pontoons are now on decommissioning pads at the Greenhead Base in Lerwick and will be dismantled and sent away for recycling over the coming months by sub-contractor, John Lawrie.

Hebo Maritime

Managing director of Ocean Kinetics, John Henderson, said: “We are very pleased to have completed the project safely and ahead of schedule, and it is good to see Dales Voe landscape restored to its natural state.

“The project was much more than just mobilising the heavy lifting barge. We spent several weeks on preparatory work, from initial surveying, then the planning and modelling of the lifting steps. We then moved to the preparation of the rig for demolition while still maintaining the structural integrity. We cut away excess steel, carried out underwater repairs to the pontoons, and attached 24 lifting points each rated to 300 tonnes SWL, to allow the safe removal and placement of all pieces onshore. The multicat vessel Whalsa Lass was used as the main vessel along with various barges and pontoons.

“Utilising the heavy 800-tonne sheerleg crane Hebo Lift 9, we completed all the heavy lifts, both at the salvage site and at the Greenhead Base in Lerwick Harbour. Most of the lifts were between 200 and 600 tonnes with the heaviest lift being 765 tonnes.

“The swift and safe completion of this project – in under eight weeks – is testament to the skills and breadth of experience that we have in our team. It also demonstrates our ability to undertake other projects of this complexity, safely, on time and on budget.”

Ocean Kinetics was awarded the contract for the safe removal and recycling of the Buchan Alpha production rig in Shetland by Veolia.

Click here to access the programme of works drawing for the project.


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