Ocean Kinetics Selected To Deliver World-Leading Antifouling System For Sea Vessels
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Ocean Kinetics Selected To Deliver World-Leading Antifouling System For Sea Vessels

December 10, 2020
New Ultraguard system achieves significant financial and environmental benefits.

Ocean Kinetics, has been awarded the agency role for a world-leading new antifouling system which saves ship and boat owners fuel and maintenance costs while also reducing harmful greenhouse gas emissions.

Ultraguard has been developed by Marine Growth Prevention Specialists (MGPS), who lead the field in this technology. It uses pulses of ultrasonic sound to keep hulls, sea chests, pipework and cooling systems free from marine growth, emitting different frequencies which stop larvae and other growth from colonising surfaces.

“We are delighted to be able to make this excellent system available to vessel owners,” said Ocean Kinetics managing director, John Henderson. “Everyone in the marine industry knows well the damage which marine growth causes on hulls and other surfaces, and this intelligent technology-driven preventative solution will not only save the extensive costs that are associated with that damage but also achieves this while releasing zero pollutants into the eco system.”

The Ultraguard system works through a power system linking to transducers, with acoustic signals boosted via an amplifier. By causing each transducer to resonate at the correct frequency, the vibrations prevent larvae from attaching themselves to the surface being protected.

The design also features easy installation and maintenance. The vessel does not need to be dry docked to install the system, and if a transducer cable or power supply is damaged or fails, it can be switched out by crew in a matter of minutes.

Gavin Fisher, director of MGPS, commented: “The Ultraguard system has been developed in close partnership with vessel owners and shipping companies and we are extremely proud that it is delivering significant financial and environmental benefits to the industry. Given Ultraguard’s international status, we are selective about the partners with whom we work, so we are very pleased to now be working with Ocean Kinetics, who have the right expertise and who fulfil all the quality criteria required to be taking it to their client base.”

Ultraguard Antifouling product collection
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