Ocean Kinetics - Brand New Machinery Investments
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Brand New Machinery Investments

April 6, 2021
SafanDarley M-Shear guillotine 

Ocean Kinetics has recently invested in a state-of-the-art, M-Shear guillotine by SafanDarley. This computer-controlled machine is manufactured in Holland, and is able to cut up to 4.3m long sheets of steel, stainless and aluminium. Equipped with pneumatic supports for cutting thin sheets, automatic scrap discharge system, and a return to sender cutting feature. This fast and energy efficient guillotine complements our SafanDarley 300 tonne press brake and is the ideal addition to our workshop.

Ocean Kinetics new vacuum machine
1000kg vacuum lifter 

This quick and efficient 1000kg vacuum lifter is another recent addition to our workshop. Helping us to safely transport sheet materials, this piece of machinery ensures there is no damage caused in the process.


Ocean Kinetics 30th anniversary expansion

We are delighted to be celebrating 30 years of Ocean Kinetics.

Ocean Kinetics celebrates 30 years

Thanks to all who made the evening so special.

Ocean Kinetics invests in Irish marine engineering company to drive innovation and growth

Our latest partnership aims to drive innovation and growth in the marine engineering sector.