Ocean Kinetics - Decommissioning for AquaShip & Grieg
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Decommissioning for AquaShip & Grieg Seafood

June 30, 2022
Ocean Kinetics has recently completed the decommissioning of the Aquaship Salmon Well Boat ‘Viking Senior’.

Initially, the vessel was stripped of all soft furnishings, timber, insulation and liquids before being segregated and recycled. Using our salvage barge P4 (which is equipped with three hydraulic cranes), we removed the steel hull and aluminium wheelhouse. The final lifts were then undertaken by Peterson using their harbour crane.

Ocean Kinetics also assisted with the decommissioning of a Grieg Seafood steel cone barge, which had previously been feeding salmon for almost two decades. The structure was again decommissioned using our salvage barge P4, and Peterson Ltd.

All operations were completed safely with no injury or damage to the environment.

To find out more about our decommissioning services, please get in touch: info@oceankinetics.co.uk.


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