Ocean Kinetics - Grieg Seafood – Salmon Hatchery
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Grieg Seafood – Salmon Hatchery
Client: Grieg Seafood
Location: Shetland


To construct a £13 million salmon hatchery with a capacity to produce 5 million smolts per year for Grieg Seafood Hjaltland UK.

Salmon producers Grieg Seafood Hjaltland had shipped smolts from mainland Scotland to their existing sites. A new, large-scale hatchery gave the company the capacity to produce in-house and on-site in Shetland. The new facility would cut transport costs, improve control on smolt quality and size, and reduce any risk from disease.

The contract included the complete redesign of the existing water intake and filtration system, the design, manufacture and construction of four buildings – to house egg-hatching units; the fry, parr, and smolt building; a new administration building; and a staff welfare building. All were carefully planned by the Ocean Kinetics design team based on their use, design and layout requirements.


Ocean Kinetics’ work extended to designing and supplying pipework systems, as well as providing water circulation and ventilation throughout the facility.

Pipe systems were designed and installed, to allow the transportation of smolts to the well boat for delivery to the sea farms.

A 95-metre pontoon was designed and positioned to accommodate the company’s well boat. Mezzanine floors were erected to provide grading and vaccination areas. All works were designed in tandem with the recirculation systems for the hatchery to realise a 20-fold increase in growth rates from the hatchery that had previously occupied the site.

Ocean Kinetics drew heavily on the wealth of senior management experience gained from working in, and servicing, the sector to design and deliver this project to the client’s satisfaction.


£14 million project
An expected 20-fold increase in growth rates
Reduced costs
Improved quality of smolts
“Ocean Kinetics have been a crucial part of the construction of our new large-scale salmon hatchery at Girlsta. They have provided high quality materials, good workmanship, and offered practical and intelligent solutions to problems that have arisen over the course of the build.”
Jon Walden, Shetland Manager, Grieg Seafood Hjaltland


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