Ocean Kinetics - Sullom Voe Terminal – Clair Pig Launching Trolley
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Sullom Voe Terminal – Clair Pig Launching Trolley
Client: Sullom Voe Terminal
Location: Sullom Voe, Shetland


Following on from the first pig cradle Ocean Kinetics developed for Sullom Voe Terminal, Ocean Kinetics was approached to design and build a replacement pig trolley for the BP Clair Platform. The trolley is used to manipulate the pigging tools as they are loaded into the pig launcher. The specification required that the trolley:

  • is of light but robust construction;
  • incorporates a mechanism to load the pigs into the launcher;
  • is capable of being moved across a grated floor by hand;
  • includes access for the operator to reach the tool.

As with the previous project, Ocean Kinetics undertook some initial development work in Solidworks, to provide the client with 3d renderings of the proposed system. These included a number of options/details for which feedback was sought. By seeking early stage input from the operators, Ocean Kinetics ensured that the equipment was fit for purpose and designed out problems that they were experiencing with the existing equipment.


The trolley featured an innovative mechanism for pushing the pig tool by hand winch. A series of pushrods were developed with a quick release coupling which allowed for rapid assembly and extension, whilst preventing potential loss. The pushrods extended for over 10 meters and incorporated guide wheels.

Given the nature of the offshore environment; a sizeable effort was expended in selecting suitable and compatible materials for all elements of the trolley. The outcome being a system which required minimal maintenance and should offer years of trouble free service.

2d fabrication drawings were generated from the model and supplied to the Ocean Kinetics workshops for fabrication, inspection & testing (in accordance with an approved Quality Plan).

Once the trolley was nearing completion, the client enquired into the possibility of supporting an additional type of pigging tool. A bolt on extension piece for the trolley and some end pieces for the pushing mechanism were developed in Solidworks. A 3d rendering incorporating the tooling profile was supplied to the client, to demonstrate compatibility of the system and to show that the pushrods would not damage sensitive elements of the pig.

The additional components were then detailed and manufactured. All the items were powder coated, assembled, packaged and delivered to the client. A full data dossier pack was issued, incorporating the extensive fabrication assurance documentation and the design drawings.

You can read more about our pig handling equipment services.


Innovative pig trolley design
Fabrication, inspection and testing completed in-house
Lightweight yet robust construction
Custom product design


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