Ocean Kinetics - SHEAP Ltd – Lerwick District Heating System Repairs
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SHEAP Ltd – Lerwick District Heating System Repairs
Client: Shetland Heat Energy & Power Ltd
Location: Lerwick, Shetland


To work with Team Inc. and Stuart Malcolmson Contractors to deliver one of the most complex work scopes seen to date on Shetland Heat Energy and Power’s Lerwick district heating system.

By installing four hot taps on the main flow and return lines, Ocean Kinetics and Team were able to isolate two sections of line, enabling Ocean Kinetics’ welders to remove line sections and weld in replacement valve sets. SHEAP’s Engineers utilised bypass lines to maintain customer supply throughout the works.


Ocean Kinetics’ welding expertise provided the experience and competence to undertake welding on live lines, which was required to install the four hot tap saddles. Once the new valves were installed, inspected, and NDT’d; Ocean Kinetics went on to manufacture and install bespoke polyethylene insulated muffs, utilising a combination of electrofusion welding and extrusion welding.

Civil activities and support was provided by Stuart Malcolmson Contractors; careful planning of the phased excavation and reinstatement minimised risk to pipework and helped deliver the swift completion of the works.

The job was thoroughly planned, and risk-managed, with input from all three organisations, SHEAP and the SIC’s Roads Department. The benefit was a safe, smooth, well organised, site work.


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First mechanical line stop to be deployed on the Lerwick district heating network
Scotland’s largest district heating network
Work carried out with zero disruption to customer supply
No incidents or injuries


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