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January 14, 2021
Ocean Kinetics Brand New Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) Facility in Shetland

Ocean Kinetics offers first class non-destructive testing and inspection services.

As part of the quality assurance process for pipework and pressure system fabrication, a percentage of welded joints on every job are radiographically inspected for flaws.

With no commercial radiographic inspection facility in Shetland, Ocean Kinetics has recently invested in a comprehensive radiographic and hydrotest facilities, darkroom and offices. This local service reduces fabrication lead times, minimises handling costs and offers a more attractive and comprehensive service to our clients.

Opposite our main workshop, the facility is housed in a 430-metre square building with two 3.5-metre wide roller doors to the purpose-built radiographic exposure bay. It has an 11-tonne shielded door and 650 – 750mm thick walls to provide full shielding. The space is 14 metres long to provide truck access. We have a full complement of radiographic equipment. The bay is equipped with an x-ray generator and an overhead crane to handle pipework. We strictly adhere to legislative requirements and safety systems.

The bay has been designed to be dual purpose, so that we can also undertake hydrostatic pressure testing.

The hydrotest equipment includes a chart recorder, 6,300 psi pump, manifold and blind flanges. This equipment is sufficient for testing up to 300# pipework, but we can also accommodate higher pressures by using additional fittings.

A 4k PZ CCTV, allows us to undertake hydrotest surveillance from a screen on the work bench outside the bay, protecting the inspector from pressurised pipework.

We can also perform ultrasonic inspection to check weld thickness, and magnetic particle testing (MPT) and dye penetrant inspection (DPI) to detect surface particles and flaws.


Our NDT technicians are CSWIP or PCN qualified.


As an SPX agent, we also have bolt tensioning and torquing equipment, and tooling to train personnel for their ECITB qualifications.

Our dark room is fully equipped for processing radiographic films. It has an automated film developing machine and an automatic chemical mixing machines.


You can virtually tour the facility.


For more information, please do not hesitate to get in touch:

Mike Boyes


T: 0774 067 5464

Ocean Kinetics NDT facility interior
Ocean Kinetics NDT facility interior