Ocean Kinetics - New Colchester Alpha CNC Lathe
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New Colchester Alpha CNC Lathe

October 19, 2021
After a delay due to Covid, Ocean Kinetics were finally able to carry out training on their Colchester Alpha CNC Lathe machine.

Our staff spent five days with two Colchester specialist trainers, where they were shown how to safely and efficiently operate the lathe. This cutting-edge machine, renowned for its accuracy, will be a great addition to our workshop as it will allow us to manufacture more complex parts locally.

The large capacity machine has an automatic 12 station turret, allowing multiple tools to be mounted including driven tooling for milling, drilling, and tapping, as well as a large swing over the bed and three metres between centres with a six inch spindle bore.

This investment will complement our existing smaller semi CNC Harrison Lathe, which was purchased 15 years ago and has given a faultless service ever since.

For more information, please do not hesitate to get in touch:

John Henderson
T: 01595 697 907


Ocean Kinetics 30th anniversary expansion

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Ocean Kinetics celebrates 30 years

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