Ocean Kinetics - Ocean Kinetics Delivers Key Marine Service Project in £350 Million Aberdeen Harbour Scheme
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Ocean Kinetics Delivers Key Marine Service Project in £350 Million Aberdeen Harbour Scheme

August 19, 2020
Ocean Kinetics has been selected by Aberdeen Harbour to deliver a key element for its £350 million south harbour expansion scheme (AHEP) – the largest marine infrastructure project currently under way in the UK.

Ocean Kinetics has now successfully delivered and positioned the twelfth and thirteenth concrete structure – or caisson – that will form part of the new harbour. The structures were towed from floating storage at Invergordon in the Cromarty Firth to Nigg Bay in Aberdeen.

When in position, the caissons are ballasted with seawater, before being filled with rock and topped with concrete to form the new quay.

caisson leaving Invergordon
The prepared caisson leaving Invergordon under tow on its way down to the new harbour in Aberdeen, the tow takes over 40 hours.

Managing director of Ocean Kinetics, John Henderson, said: “Our job is to prepare the remaining caissons transport, give assistance during the tow then place the caissons and ballast them down onto the seabed in the correct position. The first two have now been delivered and are now in place – each caisson is approximately 51 metres long, 12 metres wide, 16 metres deep and weigh 5500 tonnes – these two caissons are the final units for the north-facing 540 metre-long Castlegate Quay.

“The first two caissons have been successfully towed from Invergordon to the new harbour, winched it into place, and ballasted down onto the seabed to the required accuracy. We will now move on to the caissons for East Dunnottar Quays.

“This is challenging, highly skilled work which demands great experience and expertise, which is being reliably delivered, thanks to our team led by marine projects director in Aberdeen, Michael Fox, who has been working with Aberdeen Harbour for many years.

“We are very proud to be playing our role in this scheme, which, on completion, will support the international shipping industry and other major sectors, including renewables and decommissioning.”


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