Ocean Kinetics - Premier Oil – subsea oil storage tank
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Premier Oil – subsea oil storage tank
Client: Premier Oil
Location: Solan Oil Field


To prepare a 10,000-tonne subsea oil storage tank for submersion in the Solan oil field.


Ocean Kinetics’ highly trained engineers implemented remedial and preparatory works on the subsea storage tank and also removed the sea fastenings. Delivered to Lerwick Harbour by the Chinese Ocean Shipping Company’s lift vessel, Xiang Yun Kou, the Ocean Kinetics team assisted in the operation to float the tank in Breiwick after the preparation was complete.

Exploiting a combination of quality credentials and skilled personnel, Ocean Kinetics were able to successfully complete the contract on time and to a high standard.

Working alongside several Shetland companies, the project concluded with the installation of the subsea storage tank onto the seabed, 134 metres below the surface.


10,000 tonne subsea oil storage tank
134m ocean depth to seabed
“I cannot speak highly enough of the standards of seamanship shown.”
Bob Sinclair, Robert Sinclair Marine Consultants


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