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April 22, 2021
We produce a range of high-quality, intricate pipeline pig handling equipment.

We offer custom designs to suit applications and the Ocean Kinetics standard pipeline pig handling trolley. The features from our standard trolley can be readily incorporated into a custom product. The standard trolley can be manufactured to any length & diameter. Full CAD and 3D modelling is undertaken in-house. In line with the typical operating environment for this equipment, we aim to avoid power sources and use manual gear driven and manual hydraulic tooling where practicable.

For pipeline pig loading and retrieval, we offer a sectional push rod system which incorporates the Ocean Kinetics’ quick assembly coupling, to enable safe and easy operation. This coupling has a captive mechanism preventing the components becoming accidentally detached. The pushrods are sized for one person to assemble and manipulate them, using the incorporated handles, without any additional lifting equipment. The terminating pushrod can be supplied to fit against all joint types, from blind, to Yolk-Type connections, through to ANSI and compact flanges. The pushrod wheels can be supplied in a range of materials, polyurethane being commonly preferred.

Ocean Kinetics’ standard pig trolley features:

  • To suit 36” diameter x 3m long pig/launch cassette, 2.5t SWL
  • Manufactured from stainless steel, aluminium and carbon steel optional
  • 10m of sectional push rods, Ocean Kinetics’ quick connectors
  • Terminating rod incorporating mounting flange or interface flange to suit pipeline end feature
  • Hand crank, reduction geared, fully enclosed pushrod drive mechanism – typical 1.5m stroke, readily adjusted to suit
  • Fully height configurable with large travel and fine adjustment – nominally 700mm vertical
  • Height adjustment by manual, long travel hydraulic jacks (supplied)
  • Oversized, braked, castor wheels
  • Lifting lugs and range of tie down points. Full trolly (including lifting lugs) independently load tested and certified
  • Comprehensive guarding – no accidental access to drive gears and chains
  • Optional inserts to suit a range of pigs and cassettes
  • Manufactured with full traceability to ISO 3834-2 including EN 15614 WPSs and EN 9606 welder qualification (ASME IX option)
  • Visually inspected and DPI tested (MPI for c/s) by PCN level 2 or equivalent
  • Maker’s plate including SWL, UKCA/CE mark
  • Operating and maintenance manual.

You can read more about our general pig handling equipment and learn about the pig cradle and trolley we developed for Sullom Voe Terminal. 

Ocean Kinetics designs and manufactures a heavy-duty, stainless-steel pipeline pig trolley for Pipelines 2 Data and will be used Offshore.
A heavy-duty, stainless-steel pipeline pig trolley we designed and manufactured for Pipelines 2 Data to use offshore.


Ocean Kinetics 30th anniversary expansion

We are delighted to be celebrating 30 years of Ocean Kinetics.

Ocean Kinetics celebrates 30 years

Thanks to all who made the evening so special.