Ocean Kinetics - Ultraguard Antifouling
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Ultraguard Antifouling

January 14, 2021
Ocean Kinetics now offer Ultraguard.

This world-leading, new antifouling system saves ship and boat owners fuel and maintenance costs and also reduces harmful greenhouse gas emissions.

Ultraguard is cost-effective and is simple to install and maintain. The design features pulses of ultrasonic sound to keep hulls, sea chests, pipework and cooling systems free from marine growth, emitting different frequencies which stop larvae and other growth from colonising surfaces. The vessel does not need to be dry docked to install the system, and if a transducer cable or power supply is damaged or fails, it can be switched out by crew in a matter of minutes.

We are also offering Ultraguard Master Series. This version uses the same signal generation, control and amplifier circuits onboard as the original system, though features a PCB power supply which provides additional electronic security. You can view the Master Series manual.

For more information, please do not hesitate to get in touch:

T: +44 (0)1595 697 900 / 696 777